Two Years After Being Shot, Rola el-Halabi to Return to the Boxing Ring

Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

Former boxing champ Rola El-Halabi isn’t going to let getting shot foil her dreams of being the dominate boxer she wants to continue to be.

It was April 2011 when El-Halabi’s step-father and former manger Hicham El-Halabi shot Rola in the right hand, left knee, and both feet before her IBA/IBF title defense versus  Irma Adler in Berlin, Germany. Hicham was sentanced to 6 years in prison last year for the incident. Rola was in wheelchair for three months, but went through a vigorous rehab to get back into the arena she loves.

Since she was inactive due to her injures, the IBF and IBA titles she held were vacated; but she will get her chance to regain the IBA title when she climbs into the ring to take on Italy’s Lucia Morelli in Ulm, Germany January 13.

El-Halabi is 11-0 as a pro, with six finishes to her credit; including a notable TKO win over Mia St. John.

“It’s like a second birth. I didn’t want to say goodbye to this great sport,” El-Halabi told Sapa-AFP. “This is like Christmas, a birthday and Easter all rolled into one.”


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