Jordan Baars Takes Amazon of K1 Grand Prix Title

Photo Courtesy

Some of Europe’s best fighters came together in Ruhrstadt, Germany to crown the best K-1 female kick boxer this past weekend.

Dutch kickboxer and #1 seed Jorina Baars won the Amazon of K1 Grand Prix Saturday as she won three matches to be crowned the tournament’s second ever champion. Baars would be the only in the tournament to get a KO, blasting Julia Symannek in the opening round. Baars would defeat #2 seed Katrin Dirrheimer in the finals.

Here are the results courtesy of our friend Edgar in Germany:

Quarterfinal matches

  • Katrin Dirrheimer def. Chrisoula Mirtsou by decision
  • Hatice Özyurt def. Lisa Schewe by decision
  • Martina Jindrova def. Anke van Gestel by decision
  • Jorina Baars def. Julia Symannek by KO round 2


  • Katrin Dirrheimer def. Hatice Özyurt by decision
  • Jorina Baars def. Martina Jindroa by decision


  • Jorina Baars def. Katrin Dirrheimer by decision

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