Mia St. John Defeats Christy Martin; Both Call it a Career

Martin (White) & St. John (Pink) Courtesy Fight News

Two legends of the sport stepped into the ring for the final time Tuesday night at the Table Mountain Casino in California. Both will be consider the voices of the first generation of pro female boxers.

Mia St. John avenged her loss to Christy Martin in a rematch from their battle ten years ago by getting a unanimous decision.  After their historic bout, both fighters announced they were retiring.

St. John’s ends her career at 47-11-2, while Martin end it at 49-7-3.

“Me and Christy have definitely had our ups and downs and I won’t say we like each other, but we definitely respect each other,” St. John stated to BoxingScene.com. “We put up with so much crap from the media and from the critics that we relate to each other, and that bonds us.”

“We started together, we’re ending together. We’re two legends and we’re going out at the same time.”

St. John and Martin can be considered two of the fighters that make female boxing popular in it’s first golden age in the 90’s. Martin has won the WBC title light middleweight twice during her career; while St. John won her second WBC title Tuesday. Martin in particular was the first female fighter to be featured on a major boxing PPV. Both have hall of fame careers.

They helped grow the sport, and get many younger fighters involved. To see their careers end  at this moment is poetic, seeing the women’s boxing scene is getting hot once again. They paved the way for many females to get into the sport and shine on an international stage.

St. John will continue to work outside the sport to promote to sport. Martin will take a good time off from the limelight to spend time with family and friends.

They will be missed, but will always be remembered.


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