Taekowndo Day 3 – 67 kg Live Results


South Dakota’s Paige McPherson is the lone combat athlete in the 2012 Olympics, and she has the last shot of Team USA getting a women’s division medal in Taekwondo.

She’ll be up against a tough field at 67 kg, including 2008 Gold medalists Hwang Kyung Seon of Korea and 2008 Silver medalist Karine Sergerie of Canada.


67 kg

Opening round

  • Seham Sawalhy (EGY) def. Elin Johansson (SWE) 6-0
  • Sousan Hajipour (IRI) def. Carmen Marton (AUS) 5-4
  • Nur Tatar (TUR) def. Andrea St. Bernard (GRN) 5-1
  • Paige McPherson (USA) def. Sarah Stevenson (GBR) 5-1
  • Hwang Kyung Seon (KOR) def. Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) 4-1
  • Helena Fromm (GER) vs. Chu Hoang Dieu Linh (VIE) 13-1
  • Franka Anić (SLO) def. Gulnafis Aitmukhambetova (KAZ) vs. 15-11
  • Karine Sergerie (CAN) def. Farida Azizova (AZE) 1-0


  • Carmen Marton (AUS) def. Elin Johansson (SWE) 6-3
  • Nur Tatar (TUR) def. Paige McPherson (USA) 6-1
  • Hwang Kyung Seon (KOR) def. Helena Fromm (GER) 8-4
  • Franka Anić (SLO) def. Karine Sergerie (CAN) 10-5


  • Nur Tatar (TUR) def. Carmen Marton (AUS) 6-0
  • Hwang Kyung Seon (KOR) def. Franka Anić (SLO) 7-0

Bronze Medal Semi-finals

  • Paige McPherson (USA) def. Andrea St. Bernard (GRN) 15-2
  • Helena Fromm (GER) vs. Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) 4-3

Bronze Medal Finals

  • Helena Fromm (GER) def. Carmen Marton (AUS) 8-2
  • Paige McPherson (USA) def. Franka Anić (SLO) 8-3

Gold Medal Finals

  • Hwang Kyung Seon (KOR) def. Nur Tatar (TUR)

One response

  1. Everyone is very much impressed by the performance of South Dakota’s Paige McPherson as she’s last hope of the USA team. She’s is the one of the lone combat athlete in the 2012 Olympics. She’s also get trained under the guidance of famous boxers in Next Edge Academy.

    September 29, 2012 at 12:03 am

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