Taekwondo Day 2 – 57 kg Live Results


The second day of taekwondo competition focuses on the 57 kg weight class. American Bronze medalist Diana Lopez is looking to upgrade to gold as neither the gold or silver medalist from the Beijing Games has returned.


Opening round

  • Tseng Pei-hua (TPE) def. Rangsiya Nisaisom (THA) 4-1
  • Andrea Paoli (LIB) def. Nidia Muñoz (CUB) 4-2
  • Mayu Hamada (JPN) def. Ana Zaninović (CRO) 14-11
  • Jade Jones (GBR) def. Dragana Gladović (SRB) 15-1
  • Hedaya Malak (EGY) def. Robin Cheong (NZL) 17-6
  • Marlène Harnois (FRA) def. Yeny Contreras (CHI) 14-3
  • Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) def. Bineta Diedhiou (SEN) 9-6
  • Hou Yuzhuo (CHN) def. Diana López (USA) 1-0


  • Tseng Pei-hua (TPE) def. Andrea Paoli (LIB) 5-2
  • Jade Jones (GBR) def. Mayu Hamada (JPN) 13-2
  • Marlène Harnois (FRA) def. Hedaya Malak (EGY) 8-6
  • Hou Yuzhuo (CHN) def. Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) 7-2


  • Jade Jones (GBR) def. Tseng Pei-hua (TPE) 10-6
  • Hou Yuzhuo (CHN) def. Marlène Harnois (FRA) 8-3

Bronze Medal Semi-finals

  • Mayu Hamada (JPN) def. Dragana Gladović (SRB) 15-2
  • Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) def. Diana Lopez (USA) 9-4

Bronze Medal Finals

  • Tseng Pei-hua (TPE) def. Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) 14-2
  • Marlène Harnois (FRA) def. Mayu Hamada (JPN) 12-8

Gold Medal Finals

  • Jade Jones (GBR) def. Hou Yuzhuo (CHN) 6-4



Gold – Jade Jones (GBR)

Silver – Hou Yuzhuo (CHN)

Bronze – Tseng Pei-hua (TPE)

Bronze – Marlène Harnois (FRA)


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