2012 Olympic Taekwondo Day 1 Live Results

Female martial artists around the world are ready to go for gold in Taekwondo as we kick off with the 49 kg division.

No American are represented today, but countries like Japan, Mexico, and the home country of Taekwondo Thailand are all ready to stake claim as the best fighters in the world at 108 pounds.


49kg/108 lbs

Preliminary round

  • Jingyu Wu (CHN) def. Elizabeth Zamora Gordillo (GUA) 12-2
  • Erika Kasahara (JPN) def. Theresa Tona (PNG) 12-0
  • Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) def. Seulki Kang (CAF) 14-0
  • Carola Malvina Lopez Rodriguez (ARG) def. Sanaa Atabrour (MAR) 1-0
  • Brigitte Yague Enrique (ESP) def. Carolena Carstens-Salceda (PAN) 7-2
  • Jannet Alegria Pena (MEX) def. Raya Hatahet (JOR) 12-1
  • Chanatip Sonkham (THA) def. Kristina Kim (RUS) 13-1
  • Shu-Chun Yang (TPE) def. Sumeyye Manz (GER) 10-3


  • Jingyu Wu (CHN) def. Erika Kasahara (JPN) 14-0
  • Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) def. Carola Malvina Lopez Rodriguez (ARG) 13-4
  • Brigitte Yague Enrique (ESP) def. Jannet Alegria Pena (MEX) 8-0
  • Chanatip Sonkham (THA) def. Shu-Chun Yang (TPE) 6-0


  • Jingyu Wu (CHN) def. Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) 19-7
  • Brigitte Yague Enrique (ESP) def. Chanatip Sonkham (THA) 10-9

Bronze Semi-final

  • Elizabeth Zamora Gordillo (GUA) def. Erika Kasahara (JPN) 6-2 
  • Jannet Alegria Pena (MEX) def.  Carolena Carstens-Salceda (PAN) 7-2

Bronze Finals (two medals awarded)

  • Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) def. Jannet Alegria Pena (MEX) 1-0
  • Chanatip Sonkham (THA) def. Elizabeth Zamora Gordillo (GUA) 8-0

Gold Medal Finals

  • Jingyu Wu (CHN)  def. Brigitte Yague Enrique (ESP) 8-1


49 kg Medalists

Gold – Jingyu Wu (CHN)

Silver – Brigitte Yague Enrique (ESP)

Bronze – Lucija Zaninovic (CRO)

BronzeChanatip Sonkham (THA)


2 responses

  1. I watched quite a bit of taekwondo in the Olympics this year, and I was really impressed with the skill level of these athletes. I imagine some will go pro..?

    August 8, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    • I am hoping more do so – their striking would be an asset to MMA and kickboxing alike

      August 9, 2012 at 12:19 am

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