Toronto Star – Mary Spencer, boxer and cover girl, is hungrier for Olympic gold

Courtesy The Star

By: Paul Hunter – Toronto Star

Twenty-six seconds. That’s all it took for legendary Windsor boxing coach Charlie Stewart to fully understand he had something special on his hands

A girl can throw a lot of punches in 26 seconds.

Wham-wham-wham came the initial flurry from Mary Spencer, her challenger back peddling around the ring. Finally, a devastating left hook. Thunk. Her 6-foot foe hit the canvas like a felled redwood.

“Out she went,” Stewart recalls of Spencer’s opponent in his protégé’s debut. “That was the end of her and the end of her boxing career. It was just the start for Mary.”

That truncated bout a decade ago, to which a 17-year-old Spencer had invited her boisterous friends and basketball teammates from high school, can be flagged as a significant first step on a path that would eventually include three world championships and eight national titles…

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