After Title Loss, Usanakorn Kokietgym Tests High for Testosterone

Usanakorn Kokietgym lands a blow on Australia’s Susie Ramadan Courtesy Meredith O’Shea

Thai boxer Usanakorn Kokietgym may have lost this past weekend to Susie Ramadan for the WBC bantamweight title in Melbourne, Australia, but some questions are being made about her gender.

A blood test has shown that Kokietgym had three times the testosterone levels of a normal woman; giving speculation of her being a man (or being transgender). Besides the possible gender question; it also brings up the possibility of HRT use; which has been a controversial subject as of late in MMA in male fighters.

Since Kokietgym lost, there probably won’t be an investigation. The question still remains however about why the levels are so high?


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