WBAN – Trends in Pro Female Boxing; US in Decline Versus the World

Christie Martin Courtesy Syracuse.com

By: Sue Fox & Dee Williams (Data) – WBAN.com

WBAN has published the stats from 1993-2012  that Dee Williams has been keeping in the sport. Dee Williams has been,  and continues to be an invaluable source for WBAN, and the sport.

The stats from 1993 to 2012, show us an interesting trend that is going on in the sport. The information was converted from an Excel Spreadsheet and it contains our number of fights per quarter data for the whole world, and for USA, Germany, Argentina and Mexico. The graph of the data for the four separate countries really tells the story of what’s happened.

Huge growth of the pro sport in the USA peaked about 10 years ago in 2002. Sport has slowly fallen off here ever since. The German boom came later and peaked five years later, about 2007. It looked for a while like the activity there could equal that in the US by 2008, instead they peaked too and are now falling off fast…

Read the entire article at WomensBoxing.com


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