AIBA World Championships Day 6 Live Results

It is the semi-finals of the AIBA tournament and five members of Team USA are two wins away for championships – Christina Cruz (54 kg), Raquel Miller (69 kg), Franchon Crews (81 kg), Tiara Brown (57 kg), and Mikaela Mayer (64 kg).

Also Team USA’s Claressa Shields’s hopes of going to London lies in the hands of England’s Savannah Marshall. If Marshall wins, Shields will qualify for the Olympics.

All the final matches will take place Saturday May 19


48 kg

  • Shiqi XU (CHN) def. Nazym KYZAYBAY (KAZ) 17-10
  • Josie GABUCO (PHI) def. Svetlana GNEVANOVA (RUS) 12-7

48 KG Finals – Shiqi XU (CHN) vs. Josie GABUCO (PHI)


54 kg

  • Terry GORDINI (ITA) def. Christina CRUZ (USA) 11-7 
  • Alexandra KULESHOVA (RUS) def. Ke Jian LIU (CHN) 19-10

54 KG Finals – Terry GORDINI (ITA) vs. Alexandra KULESHOVA (RUS)


60 kg

  • Katie Taylor (IRL) def. Mavzuna CHORIEVA (TJK) 16-6
  • Sofya OCHIGAVA (RUS) def. Natasha JONAS (ENG) 18-10

60 kg Finals – Katie Taylor (IRL) vs. Sofya OCHIGAVA (RUS)

69 kg

  • Maria BADULINA (UKR) def. Marichelle JONG (NED) 18-10 
  • Raquel E. MILLER (USA) def. Irina Poteyeva (RUS) 13-10

69 kg finals – Maria BADULINA (UKR) vs. Raquel E. MILLER (USA)

81 kg

  • Meiqing YUAN (CHN) def. Svetlana KOSOVA (RUS) 23-13
  • Franchon CREWS (USA) def. Timea NAGY (HUN) 22-8

81 kg finals – Meiqing YUAN (CHN) vs. Franchon CREWS (USA)


  • Yunfei LI (CHN) def. Irina SINETSKAYA (RUS) 25-15
  • Yuldus MAMATKULOVA (KAZ) def. KAVITA (IND) 15-9

Heavyweight finals – Yunfei LI (CHN) vs. Yuldus MAMATKULOVA (KAZ) 

51 kg

  • Cancan REN (CHN) def.  Karolina Anna MICHALCZUK (POL) 27-18
  • Nicola ADAMS (ENG) def. Elena Savelyeva (RUS) 11-6
51 kg finals – Cancan REN (CHN)  vs. Nicola ADAMS (ENG) 


57 kg

  • Tiara BROWN (USA) def.  Svetlana Kamenova STANEVA (BUL) 22-14
  • Sandra KRUK (POL) def. Lisa Jane WHITESIDE (ENG) 26-16

57 kg Finals – Tiara BROWN (USA) vs. Sandra KRUK (POL) 

64 kg

  • Magdalena Ewa STELMACH (POL) def. Daria ABRAMOVA (RUS) 14-10
  • Kyong Ok PAK (PRK) def. Mikaela Mayer (USA) 25-24

64 kg finals – Magdalena Ewa STELMACH (POL) vs. Kyong Ok PAK (PRK)


75 kg

  • Elena VYSTROPOVA (AZE) (a) def. Anna Rosalie Eleonora LAURELL (SWE) 16-15
  • Savannah MARSHALL (ENG) (a) def. Nadezda TORLOPOVA (RUS) 18-10 **
75 kg finals – Elena VYSTROPOVA (AZE) vs. Savannah MARSHALL (ENG)
(a) Having lasted the longest in the tournament from the European region, Elena Vystropova of Azerbaijan and Savannah Marshall of England qualify for the London Olympics
** With Marshall’s wins, Team USA’s Claressa Shields qualifies for the Olympics.


DSQ – Disqualified

RSC – Referee Stops Contest

RSCI – Referee Stops Contest due to injury

RET – Retired

TBS – Tie Break Scoring

WO – Walk over


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