Current Qualification Situation for the London Olympic Women’s Boxing

Claressa Shields Courtesy NBC Olympics

There has been a lot of confusion on how the world’s female boxer will qualify for the Olympics. In an article we did a few weeks ago, we broke down the quota system for each of the five regions. Coming into the semi-finals of the AIBA tournament there is still a bit of confusion on who exactly has qualified and who will gain the open spots not decided by the tournaments.

First, let’s tackle who has qualified for the Olympics via who lasted longest at the AIBA tournaments:

51 kg

Europe (3 spots)

  • Elena Savelyeva (RUS)
  • Karolina Michalczuk (POL)
  • Nicola Adams (GBR)

Asia (2 spots)

  • Ren Cancan (CHN)
  • TBD

Americas (2 spots)

  • Marlen Esparza (USA)
  • Karlha Magliocco (VEN)

Africa (1 spot)

  • Maroua Rahali (TUN)

Oceania (1 spot)

  • Siona Fernandez (NZL)

60 kg

Europe (3 spots)

  • Katie Taylor (IRL)
  • Sofya Ochigava (RUS)
  • Natasha Jonas (GBR)

Asia ( 2 spots)

  • Mavzuna Chorieva (TJK)
  • TBD

Americas (1 spots)

  • Adriana Araújo (BRA)

Africa (1 spot)

  • Rim Jouini (TUN)

Oceania (1 spot)

  • Alexis Pritchard (NZL)

75 kg

Europe (3 spots)

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Asia (1 spots)

  • TBD

Americas (2 spots)

  • TBD
  • TBD

Africa (1 spot)

  • Edith Agu-Ogoke (NGR)

Oceania (1 spot)

  • Naomi Fischer-Rasmussen (AUS)

You will notice that there are still a lot of spots to be decided, especially in the 75 kg division. When several of each regions’ boxers were eliminated in the same round, these left vacancies in guaranteed spots.

In the 75 kg division especially, all of the American region representatives were eliminated in round 2, which made for an interesting scenario for qualification. Simply put, the person each American regional boxer lost to is basically representing them and if their representative losses, they are out of contention.

The five Americas’ fighters in the 75 kg divsion (and their “representatives”)

  • Mary Spenser (CAN) => Eleonora Laurell (SWE)
  • Francelis Paez (VEN) => Liliya Durnyeva (UKR) (Who has since been eliminated)
  • Jenebier Gullen (DOM) => Maria Fidura (POL) (Who has since been eliminated)
  • Roseli Feitosa (BRA) => Elena Vystropova (AZE)
  •  Claressa Shileds (USA) => Savannah Marshall (ENG)

In a nutshell, if Savannah Marshall of England wins Friday, Shields is in the Olympics.

Our honest opinion is that they should have just did a five person mini-tournament to select the qualifiers.

We still don’t have any official criteria for the selection process for the other open spots; as well as the Tripartite Selection committee invitations.  The invites are only one for each weight class per region with the exception of the African region’s 51 kg weight class – which has no invites.

U.S. boxer Queen Underwood, who was eliminated outright from the guaranteed 60 kg spot, is the highest ranked boxer in the America region at that weight, and has lasted the second longest in the tournament. There is no way to know if this will matter to the committee.

Our hope for 2016 is that they expand to 16 fighters and they simplify the process for women to qualify. If the AIBA can have 32 women duke it out for a world championship, why can’t the Olympics?


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