AIBA World Championships Day 1 Live Results


The AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships has kicked off in China. Over 300 boxers from 77 nations and 10 different weight classes will compete during the two week event. Boxers in the 51 kg, 60 kg, and 75 kg brackets will also be qualifying for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Friday evening in China (Friday morning in the U.S.) has the preliminary bouts in the 57 kg and 69 kg weight classes. American Raquel Miller (69 kg) will be competing; as well as Canada’s Melissa Guillemette (57 kg).

57 KG Prelims Friday

  • Mandakini Chanu KANGABAM (IND) def. Ranic BOJANA (SRB) 22-6 RSC Round 2
  • Chia-Ling Chen (TPE) def. Skye NICOLSON 16-5 
  • Jian Qin (CHN) def. Gabriela DINCA (ROU) – 19-3 RSC Round 2
  • Svetlana Kamenova STANEVA (BUL) def. Nagehan GUL (TUR) – 16-7
  • Saniya SULTANKYZY (KAZ) def. Khouloud HLIMI (TUN) 20-10
  •  Cynthia Andrea ROBLES DE LA TORRE (MEX) def. Kornelia Kitti NAGY (HUN) 17-6
  • Nana YOSHIKAWA (JPN) def. Rebah Matanda (KEN) 22-10
  • Iuliia TSYPLAKOVA (UKR) def. Marie O’NEILL (NZL) 18-7
  • Melissa GUILLEMETTE (CAN) def. Sarah MAHFOUD (DEN) 15-7
  • Thi Vy VUONG (VIE) def. Anamarija VUJAKLIJA (CRO) – 28-4
  • Maiva HAMADOUCHE (FRA) def. Maike KLUENERS (GER) 29-18 
  • Victoria GURKOVICH (RUS) def. Piroska BODOKI (SVK) 13-0 RSC Round 1

69 KG Prelims

  • Neetu (IND) def. Bianka NAGY (HUN) 22-6
  • Moldir BAZARBAYEVA (KAZ) def. Florina Marinella RADU (ROU) 20-12
  • Raquel E. MILLER (USA) def. Daena STEPHENSON (NZL) 17-8
  • Irina Poteyeva (RUS) def. Marija DIVJAK (SRB) 8-0 RET Round 1

(RSC – ref stops contest; RET – retirement)


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