AIBA World Championships/Olympic Qualifier Schedule and Rules

Boxers are arriving in China for the kick-off of the AIBA World Championships, which will serve as the qualification event for the 2012 London Olympics. Pugilists from over 130 countries will square off for the coveted 24 slots and a chance be the first ever boxing gold medalists.

How qualification works:

  • There are eight slots in each category (51kg, 61 kg, 75 kg) available
  • Each continent are allocated only a certain amount of representatives:
    • The Americas (8 total) – 3 (51kg), 2 (61 kg), 3 (75 kg)
    • Africa (5 total) – 1 (51kg), 2 (61 kg), 2 (75 kg)
    • Asia (8 total) – 3 (51kg), 3 (61 kg), 2 (75 kg)
    • Europe (12 total) – 4 (51kg), 4 (61 kg), 4 (75 kg)
    • Oceania (3 total) – 1 (51kg), 1 (61 kg),  1 (75 kg)
  • Whomever ranks highest from their given area will take the spots available.

Last year, the AIBA instituted new rules in order to fix problems addressed during the last Olympics.

Here is how the new rules will work:

  • The boxers will compete in 4 two minutes rounds with one minute breaks.
  • Unlike the old system where the system had to count each punch within a second and agree, an average system has been put in place.
    • Similar score – which sounds like it says. If three of the scores are close enough together; they are averaged.
    • Trimmed Mean score – If there is a gap between scores, an average of three of the five judges. The lowest and highest of the five judges scores are thrown out.
  • Penalties are assessed by giving the opponent two points.
  • Winner is the one with the highest total score or a TKO/KO.
  • If there is a tie…
    • The winner of more rounds. If still tied…
    • The five judges will decide the winner by majority vote

The matches will be posted on the same day on AIBA Youtube – no live streaming at all at this time. However, our boxing section and @WombatSports on twitter will have up to the minute results throughout the week.

Here is the current schedule of events:

  • May 11 – Weigh-ins and official draw
  • May 12-14 – Preliminary bouts
  • May 15 – Round of 16
  • May 16 – Quarter finals
  • May 17 – Rest Day
  • May 18 – Semi-finals
  • May 19 – Finals

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