Boxer Christy Martin Testifies in Her Ex-Husband’s Trial

Courtesy Orlando Sentinal

“It was one threat after another. ‘I’m going to ruin you in the boxing world, I’m going to ruin you with your family. I’m gonna tell the world you’re gay.”

That was top boxing star Christy Martin from Tuesday talking about her ex-husband James Martin, who is on trial for attempted murder. James stabbed and shot Christy Nov. 23, 2010 at their home in Orlando, FL.

“He’s taking my head and he’s beating it to where the drawers are and I said ‘mother****** you can not kill me,” Christy Martin testified.

Several others testrified this week, including Christy’s current partner, and close friends. Wednesday saw the Emergency room doctor and the Orlando Police Department Forensic team talk about Christy’s condition in the E.R. It should be noted that Christy was sworn in under her maiden name Christy Salters.

James has refused a plea deal of 25 years in the case.  Testimony continues Thursday and Friday, with closing arguments starting next week.

You can watch Christy Martin’s testimony here courtesy WKMG


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