Former Champ Terri Moss to “Knockout” New TV Series

Courtesy Atlanta Magazine

Via Press Realease

Look for a new reality show called “KNOCKOUT” on network television in the near future! KNOCKOUT is a reality based series produced by Lucky Dog Filmworks that features retired WIBA/WIBF Champion Terri Moss and the behind the scenes action that goes into the creation of her Atlanta based “Corporate Fight Night” shows.

The series will focus on the trials, tribulations. and triumphs of professionals and business class people of all ages as they prepare for a very real, high-pressure amateur bout to raise money for charity on a classy Las Vegas style show. Most of the boxers having no prior experience, pound through one of the biggest challenges of their lives as they climb through the ropes for this first, and most likely the last, real boxing match of their lives.

Terri Moss and her former trainer turned business partner Xavier Biggs are the backbone in Knockout, and they reveal some struggles of their own as their relationship transcends one of respect and structure to one of volatile competition in their prospective business dealings at Decatur Boxing Club.

KNOCKOUT is currently under network negotiations. Check them out on Facebook at to get all of the up to date information on show times and dates.

You can watch a preview of the show below


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