Olympic Trials Day 2 – 16 Year Old Clarissa Sheilds Heads to Winner’s Bracket Finals

Courtesy Sue Fox/WBAN

16 year old middleweight competitor Clarissa Sheilds (Flint, MI) continues her run to be the youngest boxer on the U.S. team, as she defeats Andrecia Wasson (Centerline, MI) in a rematch of their PAL title bout last year. Sheilds got the points decisions and faces Tika Hemingway (Pittsburgh, PA) in the finals of the winner’s bracket Thursday.

In middleweight challengers bracket matches, Raquel Miller (San Francisco, CA) won her match versus Tiffanie Ward (Hacienda Heights, CA) via points. Miller will face Franchon Crews (Baltimore, MD) in the Challenger brakcet tomorrow. Crews got a bye due to Dara Shen (Alexandria, VA) withdrawing due to injury.

Five time national champion Queen Underwood advances to the lightweight winner’s bracket finals, getting a point victory over Mikaela Mayer (Los Angeles, CA). N’yteeyah Sherman (Barberton, OH) will face Underwood in the winner’s bracket finals Thursday after a decsion win over Tiara Brown (Lehigh Acres, FL).

Bertha Aracil (Yonkers, N.Y.) squeaks out a very close decision against Lisa Porter (Northridge, CA) to continue on in the challengers bracket. Aracil will face Asia Stevenson (Washington, D.C.) Wednesday, who got a bye when Patricia Manuel (Long Beach, CA) pulled out.

The flyweights saw both Marlen Esparza (Houston, TX) and Christina Cruz (New York, N.Y.) get decisive wins over Alex Love (Spokane, WA) and Tyrieshia Douglas (Baltimore, MD) repesctively. Esparza vs. Crus happens Thursday in the winner’s bracket finals.

In the challengers bracket, Virginia Fuchs (Kemah, TX) eliminates Latonya King (Harrison Township, MI) and will face Taversha Norwood (Marietta, GA) who had gained a bye.

Wednesday matches can be seen on Universial Sports.com starting at 7 p.m. pacific.


Tuesday’s Results

Winner’s Bracket – Flyweight – 112 pounds

  • Marlen Esparza (Houston, TX) def. Alex Love (Spokane, WA) by points (22-12)
  • Christina Cruz (New York, N.Y.) def. Tyrieshia Douglas (Baltimore, MD) by points (20-15)

Challenger’s Bracket – Flyweight – 112 pounds

  • Virginia Fuchs (Kemah, TX) def. Latonya King (Harrison Township, MI) by points (14-13)

Winner’s Bracket – Lightweight – 132 pounds

  • Queen Underwood (Spokane, WA) def. Mikaela Mayer (Los Angeles, CA) by points (27-20)
  • N’yteeyah Sherman (Barberton, OH) def. Tiara Brown (Lehigh Acres, FL). by points (32-24)

Challenger’s Bracket – Lightweight – 132 pounds

  • Bertha Aracil (Yonkers, NY) def. Lisa Porter, Northridge, Calif. by points (16-13)
  • Asia Stevenson (Washington, D.C.) gets a bye

Winners’s Bracket – Middleweight – 165 pounds

  • Clarissa Sheilds (Flint, MI) def. Andrecia Wasson (Centerline, MI) by points (31-12)
  • Tika Hemingway (Pittsburgh, PA).def. Tiffanie Hearn (San Diego, CA) by points (19-13)

Challenger’s Bracket – Flyweight – 165 pounds

  • Franchon Crews, Baltimore, MD gets a bye
  • Raquel Miller (San Francisco, CA) def. Tiffanie Ward (Hacienda Heights, CA) by points (23-12)


Wednesday’s Matches

Challenger’s Bracket – Flyweight – 112 pounds

  • Tyrieshia Douglas (Baltimore, MD) vs. Taversha Norwood (Marietta, GA)
  • Virginia Fuchs (Kemah, TX) vs. Alex Love (Monroe, WA)

Challenger’s Bracket – Lightweight – 132 pounds

  • Tiara Brown (Lehigh Acres, FL) vs. Bertha Aracil (Yonkers, N.Y.)
  • Asia Stevenson (Washington, D.C.) vs. Mikaela Mayer (Los Angeles, CA)

Challenger’s Bracket – Middleweight – 165 pounds

  • Tiffanie Hearn (Louisville, KY) vs. Franchon Crews (Baltimore, MD)
  • Raquel Miller (San Francisco, CA) vs. Andrecia Wasson (Centerline, MI)

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