Girls Fight Only 2012 Brought over 60 Athletes to the Netherlands

Courtesy Ben Pontier Photography

In what could be considered one of the largest fighting events in female kickboxing history, over 60 females tested their skills at the annual “Girls Fight Only” event in Womer, Netherlands. 13 youth bouts and 17 adult bouts round out the event, with a single pro MMA bout – Danielle West defeating Jorina Barrs by TKO in the third round.

You can read a summary of the matches (in Dutch) and see photos from the event courtesy of Ben Pontier Photography on forums.

Here are the complete results from the event:

Youth Division

  • Paulina Yentl draws Zoe Haccou
  • Sandy von Beers def. Dontaye Lopes
  • Yashmine Tam def. Ilse Dozeman by decision
  • Jaimelee Van Rhijnen def. Kaylee Timmer by TKO (doctor’s stoppage)
  • Megan Uleman def. Teun van Nimwegen by decsion
  • Melissa Smid def. Zane Macnack by decision
  • Rachel Beunder def. Demi Dietzenbacher by RSC
  • Aleshya Smol def. Asena by RSC
  • Aaliyah Renjaan draws Cellina Cherino
  • Oumaima Igamhiouen def. Chanel van der Wal by decision
  • Sammy Jo Boers def. Tessa Snooi by decision
  • Jolijn Pruis def. Rihab Ajjouri by decision
  • Jill Versnel def. Romy Elshora by decision

Pro MMA Bout

  • Danielle West def. Jorina Baars by TKO round 3

Adult division

  • Annelies Koeman def. Marieke Buschman by decision
  • Tanisha Nicholson def. Dionysia Roethof by decision
  • Nakea Janssen draws Pinar Brouwer
  • Bregje Pol def. Kristy Ooms by TKO (courner stoppage)
  • Kim de Man def. Youssra Beztati by decision
  • Erika Sluijs def. Carola Blijendaal by decision
  • Janis Gumbs def. Karin Scheepbouwer by decision
  • Debora Doubli def. Sanne Strabbing by decision
  • Mariska Pardoel def. Jessica Stegeman by decision
  • Charlotte Kielholz def. Roxanne Visser by decision
  • Sheena Widdershoven def. Shana Lammers by decision
  • Lenny Jongeneel def. Bodil de Bruin by TKO (doctor’s stoppage)
  • Nancy Heeren def. Sabriye de Sab by decision
  • Gabrielle vd Loosdrecht def. Nikki van Oeveren by decision
  • Pamela Inostroza draws Genevieve van Tuijn
  • Eline Vergouw def. Michelle Vianen by decision
  • Marieke Post def. Jaleesa Alfons by KO

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