Lizbeth Carreiro Talks Making Her Boxing Debut

As the female fight world continues to expand in 2012, so does the opportunities to fight outside their primary sport. MMA fighter Liz Carreiro is trading the cage for the ring, as she will making her pro boxing debut against Lacey Crawford First Council Casino in Newkirk, OK Feb. 25.

Carreiro (5-9 MMA) was thinking about transitioning to boxing for the past year, waiting for offers. In the mean time, she kept up MMA matches.

She states the training for boxing has its advantages.

“When you train MMA (real fight training) you need to be in a gym with training partners at least 6 days a week. Boxing isn’t like that, much of the training is bag rounds, drilling footwork, cardio, etc. Sure, you need to spar, but that can be done maybe 3 times a week and the rest can be done alone.”

“I have an awesome 10-year-old son who is always a priority. This last fall his schedule didn’t allow for me to be in the gym 6 days a week but I have everything I need at home to train to box.”

This doesn’t mean Carreiro has had her frusation making the move to the sweet science.

“I will say it is completely different from everything I have done so far. I am constantly fighting frustration with the difference in stance, footwork, rhythm…lol, but the frustration is motivating.”

Although she is focused on boxing, it doesn’t mean Carreiro doesn’t have MMA in her future. After her match, she will be looking for any fights, in the cage or in the ring.

“With women’s fighting you almost have to be ready for anything I think. Ultimately, I love to roll and I love to throw down so I will try to do both as long as I can.”


Carreriro would like to thank her awesome teammates (ACA- working out of The Factory gym) for all the help training (esp Miss D); her son for all the time he puts in the gym with her; her family for their unconditional love and support; her work “family” who tolerates the bruises, including the occasional black eye; and especially anyone who tolerates me when I’m cranky from cutting weight.


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