Results From Muay Thai Explosion X in Italy

Courtesy Kombat League

Jaunary 28 marked the tenth card from Italy’s Kombat League and saw two great women’s Muay Thai bouts on the island of Sardinia.

In the co-main event of the evening, Muay Thai Premire League vet and Italian Sara Donghi took on France’s Nathalie Maurel. Maurel used her outside kickboxing at first, but Donghi was able to get inside, executing several effective knees and elbows. Maurel tried to circle out and counter strike in the third, but Doughi once again got a clinch, busting Maurel’s nose with an elbow. The doctor stopped the bout, and Doughi gets the TKO victory.

In the other match, Viviana Fancellu and Francesca Ruzzu fought to a draw in a spited match of two up and coming stars.

You can read complete results (in Italian) on the Kombat League website


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