Julie Kitchen Talks State of Women’s Muay Thai

2011 was a great year for Julie Kitchen, and 2012 is looking even better.

Undefeated in the Muay Thai Premier league, the Brit is also making the jump to the big screen, stunt doubling in the upcoming film “Snow White and the Huntsmen”, and a yet-to-be-released short film in which she plays an assassin.

Kitchen will be back in the ring Mar. 11 in Redruth, England to defend her Muay Thai title versus Aleide Lawant.
Wombat Sports got a chance to snag an interview with Kitchen in between her training and acting gigs to talk MPL, acting, and charity.

Womabt Sports:  It’s been great to see you get international exposure with the MPL. How has the experience been for you?

Julie Kitchen: The Muay Thai premier league has been a dream come true for me. To be chosen to participate is a real honour and to visit other countries and meet the best Muay Thai fighters in the world is an amazing experience.

Wombat: It seems that the women’s Muay Thai scene has picked up in the latter half of 2011. What do you think about the sudden boom?

Kitchen: I think the MPL is mostly responsible for this as they have a huge media following and involve the women’s category to the best of their ability. Others like the WBC have pushed women’s Muay Thai forward but haven’t backed it up by featuring their female champions via the web etc so have failed us in my opinion.

Wombat: Do we know when your next fight will be for the MPL?

Kitchen: We have received a few dates and are just waiting on event news, but hopefully it will be sorted soon.

W.S.: We hear you are starring in a movie – can you tell us a little about it? Where is it being shot?

J.K.: The movie is only a short film where I star as an assassin, it is being filmed for a competition in the UK and has been filmed in Cornwall. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of filming and would like to star in something bigger so fingers crossed.

W.S.: We also heard you are helping out with the Invictus Trust charity. Can you tells us how you got involved with that?

J.K.: Yes I am involved with that charity – it is a charity dedicated to one of our former students who took his own life through depression. He had lots of friends and was a real party goer, but lack of understanding and support by local authorities led to his tragic death. The Invictus trust has helped to spread awareness of depression at a young age so I will back it 100%, as I do with other charities I am involved in.

W.S.: You have a title fight coming up Mar. 11. What do you know about your opponent Aleide Lawant?

J.K.: I have watched her fight in Prague and was very impressed, obviously she knows I am injured and will try and use that to her advantage, but I am feeling great at the moment and 13 x world champion is a funny number, I like 14 much better. I would also like to say how much I admire Aleide for being so honest about the tournament she won in Prague. She knew I should have made the finals and really wanted to test herself against me. A lot of fighters would have taken the win and run with it, but she is coming to my home country to prove her worth which reminds me of myself.

W.S.: Any sponsors you’d like to thank?

J.K.: I’d like to thank Touchgloves Gym, Breathe Unity Athlete Management, RealFitReview.com, photographer Adam Gibbard , personal trainer Jan Czerwinski and mind coach Vinny Shoreman. A huge thank you also to my husband and trainer Nathan and to my whole family for their ongoing support.


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