Second Generation Kickboxer Amber Kitchen Talks Growing up in Muay Thai

Allaya (left) & Amber (right) with Julie

The next generation of female fighters are already preparing. Many are growing up in the gym culture, with a lot of them watching their mothers fight. Amber and Allaya Kitchen are no exception.

The twin daughters of Muay Thai champ Julie Kitchen are a chips off the old block. Already touting impressive records at age 12, it’s been hard for the both of them find fights.
Their mother Julie, although being a fighter, finds it harder to watch her girls fight than for her to.

“I know now how my husband feels when I fight, it throws up all sorts of mixed emotions and a huge fear for their safety. I would much rather fight myself than watch the girls fight,” Julie admits. “(However, as fighters) both Amber and Allaya are replicas of myself, my husband, and trainer Nathan all mixed together!”

Wombat Sports talked with Amber Kitchen about training with her sister, watching her mother fight, and her prospect in the future.

Wombat Sports: Why the decision to pursue Muay Thai?

Amber Kitchen: My sister Allaya and I have grown up in the gym and around fighters. Although we were never pushed to train we could see the other children enjoying themselves and making lots of friends in the gym so we started training as well.

Wombat: Did Muay Thai come natural for you the first time you trained?

Amber: Yes, I enjoyed it from day one and picked up the ability to compete very easily.

W.S.: When was the first time you seen your mom fight and what was your reaction?

A.K: We were scared at first as we were only 8 years old, but we had seen her on dvd from a young age (probably around 5). We were ringcard girls for the fight so kept blowing her kisses as we walked past her corner between rounds.

W.S.: You and your sister both do Muay Thai – has that made you two more competitive?

A.K: I spar with Allaya lots, she is faster and scores well but I am more powerful in the clinch. We always help each other and rather than compete against each other, we save it for our opponents. We know enter fights in different weight categories or otherwise we would probably end up fighting each other a lot of the time!

W.S.: Are there things you may do better than your sister and visa versa?

A.K: Allaya is naturally good at most things but I am a better drawer and a stronger fighter.

W.S.: Seeing more females taking up kickboxing, do you see getting a lot of competition as you go further in your career?

A.K: I’m not sure as I am struggling for matches already after 8 fights, a lot of opponents don’t seem to want to fight me which I can only take it as a compliment.

I have had 4 back out already, so I’m not sure I have a fight at this stage, I think everyone’s scared. I’m still hoping to step in that ring though on Saturday and show them what I have got.

W.S.: Is MMA an option in the future?

A.K: I don’t think daddy would like it.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank?

A.K: Mummy and Daddy, Allaya, Magic Isaac Ashley and Breathe Unity Athlete Management.


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