Ground and Pound Germany Interviews Kickboxer Adriane Schneider

Directed to look ahead and the next title in sight (Photo: Marco Baumann /
Photo: Marco Baumann /

WKF World Champion Adriane “Dr. Kick”  Schneider is one of the well-known German kickboxers on the circuit today. Ahead of her rematch with Sarah  Debajeb Feb. 11  at the Beast Fight Night VI in Heidelberg, Germany, journalist Tobias Gerold interviewed  Schneider to talk about her match and how she got into kickboxing.

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Tobias Gerold: Hello Adriane. First of all “Happy New Year”. How’s are you and how did you spend the New Years?

Adriane Schneider: Hello Tobi. I wish you well. I’m doing very well, I just returned from a relaxing short break with my husband in the snow.

Tobias Gerold: On February 11 is Beast Fight Night VI and your WAKO-Pro Inter-Continental title fight. How are your preparations going?

Adriane Schneider: I am very satisfied and so far everything is going according to plan.

Sarah Debaijb vs. Adriane Schneider (Photo: Marco Baumann /

Sarah Debaijb vs. Adriane Schneider (Photo: Marco Baumann /

Gerold: Your opponent, Sarah Debajeb from the Netherlands, is no stranger to you. What do you think of her as an opponent?

Schneider: Sarah is a great athlete, and I’m looking forward to the fight.

Gerold: In the Mix Fight Gala X in Darmstadt you lost a controversial decision. Are you more motivated to defend because it is not only about your title, but because you still have a score to settle with her?

Schneider: My motivation is high for every fight. But this time, of course, she’s still a bit bigger, but the results should be very clear.

T.G.: What tactics did you going to use, so the title will remain in Heidelberg? Or is that one of the questions you may not make as a journalist prior to a fight?

A.S: No. Why? An important question that is easy to answer. Be well prepared to apply pressure, forcing her my fighting style, dominated, clear win.

T.G.: The percentage of women who are active in Germany in Thai and kickboxing is quite small. Why do you think that is?

A.S:  Many women are deterred by the amount of body contact in martial arts. Martial arts is a perfect total body workout. It keeps you fit and everyone can do it. The sporting aspect is absolutely in there and the risk of injury in martial arts is very low, much lower than in other popular sports.

T.G.: What should one do so even more women find their way to the fight game?

A.S: We need to make the sport even more effectively publicized and make it as accessible and easy as possible. The progress is already great, but it’s still very much up in the air. In general, many women in men’s sports have found success (football, rugby) and are celebrated in the media. Martial Arts, in contrast, people need to be enlightened.

T.G.: In the media, Dr. Christine Theiss has been a great representative of the sport. What do you think of her?

A.S:  Mrs. Theiss, in terms of visibility, a pioneer in our sport and for at least one must be grateful.

T.G.: Let’s go from the assumption that you will win the Intercontinental title. Is Dr. Christine Theiss an opponent you would like to fight against?

A.S: No question would, of course I love to fight against her.

T.G.: Theiss is a reigning world champion and also a doctor. Facts which could possibly promote a good fight?

A.S: Yes, but I think even beyond doctor vs doctor. It would be a really interesting fight.

T.G. : Now, there are the critics who can not really agree with women in the ring. Is that, in this day and age, clichéd thinking?

A.S: As I said, I think that sport has nothing to do with gender.

T.G.: Why did you choose for combat sports and not for any other sport?

A.S: You know, I’ve started with 13 years of martial arts, in my case at that time with karate. I am always fascinated by the complexity, the ability to react, the maximum body control, which is required for all types of this sport.

T.G.: What makes you the fascination of Thai and kickboxing?

A.S: The contact strength. This intensifies the above-mentioned aspects. It is more extreme, in the good sense.

T.G.: Adriane, I’d like you to call five key points and ask you to tell us spontaneously and in a word, what you think about this: 

T.G.: Boxgymnasium Heidelberg…

A.S:  Pride.

T.G.: Dr. Christine Theiss…

A.S:  World title fight?

T.G.: Beast Fight Night

A.S:  Spectacle.

T.G.: Sarah Debaib…

A.S:  Next opponent.

T.G.: Adriane Schneider…

A.S:  World Champion.

T.G.: When we look into the crystal ball, where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years?

A.S:  In a ring, while having fun and remains active in youth work.

T.G.: In conclusion, do you you now anything to the readers and your fans?

A.S:  I want to say thanks to all the fans and readers who support me and with you every single fight. I hope to give them an exciting fight in which they can be thrilled to justify their support – this is very important to me. And I would be happy if more women could get into it, actively pursue martial arts, whether as a recreational, competitive or competitive sport.

T.G.: Adriane, I thank you for the interview and wish you every success in your world title defense on February 11 in Heidelberg.

A.S:  Thank you, it was a pleasure talking to you.


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