A Moment with Austrian Boxer Eva Voraberger

Austrian boxer Eva Voraberger (9-2) has already a great career under her belt in the sweet science. Currently on an eight fight win steak, Voraberger has also been starting to master kickboxing.

Elias Stefanescu from GroundandPound.de tranlsated an interview the site conducted with Voraberger for WombatSports. Voraberger latest kickboxing match was this past November, losing by decision Livia Plettenberg (video here).

“I normally fight only boxing, so that was something new,” Voraberger stated. “In that fight, I broke my eardrum (tympanic membrane) and couldn’t perform well. It was a good experience, even though I hate a loss.”

Apart from her fighting, Voraberger is working with Thai kickboxing champion Fadi Merza on a local program to teach at-risk kids boxing and kickboxing to learn to take out their aggressions in the ring and build their self-esteem.

“‘Cream the Box Club’ acts as anti-aggression therapy for those kids,” Voraberger added. “I was not an easy child, so I know from my own experience it helps to make you a better person.”

Voraberger’s next boxing match is versus Claudia Ferenci in Sturovo, Slovakia Feb. 11.


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