Al Bernstein Breaks Down Gabriel vs. Stone; Plus Fighter Reaction

Courtesy AFP PHOTO / Ezequiel BECERRA

Veteran boxing commentator Al Berstein didn’t mince words when he ran down the post fight analysis of the WBO Junior Middleweight title match between champion  Hanna Gabriel and Dakota Stone on The Boxing Channel.

The rarely opinionated Bernstein commented on the uncalled for stoppage by referee Geno Rodriguez in the 8th round of the fight; giving Gabriel a victory over a still competent Stone.

“Was this a scene of a great championship match or was this a scene of a crime?” Berstein pondered in his commentary. “I am not generally opinionated about officials…Now I am forced to do it when Geno Rodriguez  stops this WBO women’s 154 pound title match in absurd fashion.”

Stone was obviously upset at the referee’s decision to call it in her post fight comments:

“My eyes weren’t dazed. I wasn’t wobbly. There was absolutely no reason. (Referee Geno Rodriguez) couldn’t give me a reason. The doctor couldn’t give me a reason to stop the fight. He said ‘What happened? Why did he stop the fight?'”

Gabriel also felt the referee stopped it too soon, and stated in her post fight interview she would definitely give Stone a rematch.

“I hope we can fight again. She’s Great. I think that she put me to the test, and out next fight will be a lot more exciting.”

The Boxing Channel has all the post fight video coverage.


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