Yahoo – Strikeforce Fighter Sarah D’Alelio and Elaina Maxwell, Training at Tiger Muay Thai

D’Alelio and Maxwell – Courtesy Janet Martin

By Cheryl Ragsdale – Yahoo Sports

Elaina “Beef” Maxwell and Sarah “the Monster” D’Alelio are in Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp preparing to compete at the Bangla Muay Thai Stadium in Patong. Tiger Muay Thai has been in the news lately because MMA fighter, Junie Browning has been training there. His bar fight story made national headlines in Thailand.

Strikeforce fighter, Sarah D’Alelio, training at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand. Elaina Maxwell is visible behind her.
photo credit Janet Martin

Elaina, who is blonde, like Junie, said, ” I wish people would quit thinking I’m Junie’s sister.”

There’s another misconception surrounding Elaina. On the poster promoting Friday night’s event , each combatant is presented with their home country flag…

Read the complete article on Yahoo Sports


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