New Film Documents 8 Year Old Muay Thai Girls in Training

Courtesy “Buffalo Girls” website

As female fighters become younger and younger in all combat sports, a new documentary shows the journey of two girls in the underground Muay Thai scene.

“Buffalo Girls” follows Stam and Pet, two eight year old kickboxers, who make their way through the underground arenas in Thailand to fight for money for their families.

From the “Buffalo Girls” website:

Buffalo Girls tells the story of two 8-year-old-girls, Stam and Pet, both professional Muay Thai prizefighters. Set in small villages throughout rural Thailand, the film chronicles these young girls’ emotional and sometimes heartbreaking journey as they fight in small underground arenas to win prize-money and help provide for their families.  After many months of rigorous training and a long schedule of fights, Stam and Pet fight each other for the 20 Kilo championship belt of Thailand, and a cash prize that will change the winner’s life forever.

The film was produced by American filmmakers Lanette Phillips and Jonathon Ker; with director Todd Kellstein following these two young prizefighters on their journey for over a year. The film is an official selection at the SlamDance Film Festival and will be showing in Park City, UT Jan. 20-26.

You can watch the trailer below.


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