Roxy Richardson Hangs-up the Gloves

Courtesy – Muay Thai is Life

One of the stars of America’s Muay Thai stars is hanging up her gloves.

After an exciting split decision win over  Elaina Maxwell a few weeks ago at the Lion Promotions card in Vegas, Roxy Richardson announced her retirement from fighting to help concentrate on her gym, Function 5 Fitness, and help the next generation of fighters.

We talked to Richardson about her last fight and her future.


Wombat Sports:  From all reports, this was a close fight. How was it fighting with Elaina Maxwell in Vegas?

Roxy Richardson: I had fun in there – knowing going into the fight that I was making it my last one, added some extra pressure on me, but I tried to just enjoy myself.

I was expecting because of the size difference that she would be stronger than me, but after the first couple rounds of feeling some of her best shots I realized I was just as strong and definitely felt faster and it gave me the confidence to win the later rounds. I wish I had been able to get started sooner with just one round of feeling out the fight, but sometimes I just don’t wake up til I get hit a bit, so that’s how this one went with me getting my grove in the later rounds.

I wanted to mix it up with my kicks knees and elbows more than I did, but my boxing always seems to work for me in fights, so I go with what works. I felt good in the clench though, so that was fun.

Courtesy – Muay Thai is Life

Wombat:  When they were tallying the cards, what were your thoughts?

Richardson: Waiting for the decision I felt I had won, I felt that I made the last 3 rounds my fight, controlling the pace and pushing her back landing hard punches and some good knees in the clench.  I knew I gave up those first two rounds getting scored on a bit more and that it could be close depending on how the 3rd was scored, so I accepted that it could go either way, but in my heart I knew I did enough to win.

W.S.: How is it to retire on a win?

R.R.:It’s definitely better than the alternative.  All I really wanted was to feel good about my performance, I wanted to feel that I was better than I was in my last fight and held my own against a tough opponent.  I did that, so that was satisfaction enough, getting the win was just icing on the cake.

W.S.: Why the decision to retire?

R.R.: I felt in this fight camp it was very hard to stay focus on and motivated for training.  I still love Muay Thai , but I’ve lost that youthful drive and hunger that makes me want to put in the work necessary to perform at a professional level.

I’ll be 34 in January. I have been training Muay Thai for almost 10 years. I own my own gym and have many responsibilities on a daily basis.  Making time to train for fights, especially when I hardly get paid enough to break even on my time off from work is very difficult.

I want to focus on running my gym, training the new crop of fighters and helping people get healthy and excited about fitness. It’s where my heart is now. I believe that training should be fun, not overly stressful.  When my training for fights became a chore instead of something I looked forward to I knew it was time to switch gears. I still love training – but I don’t have the time to do the 2-a-days necessary to be a professional athlete.

W.S.: You talked about concentrating on your gym. Are you hoping that some of the gals you train will be working with Lions Promotions in the future?

R.R.: Definately!  Keep an eye out for my up and coming F5 Muay Thai girls.  They are fierce and dedicated!

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank?

R.R.: My sponsors Revgear and Esaan – a Taste of Thai in DTLA. My coaches Mark Komuro and Joe Schilling from the Yard Muay Thai.  My entire Function 5 Fitness family ( and most of all my supportive and talented boyfriend Dustin Shaw – he is amazing and patient with me through all my struggles 🙂


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