Erika Kamimura and RENA Weighed in for RISE Kickboxing Battle

RENA & Kamimura Courtesy GBring

Two of the top female kickboxers in Japan are getting set for a title match to crown the first ever RISE Queen.

Erika Kamimura and RENA will duke it out in Tokyo tomorrow at the RISE kickboxing event. RENA made weight the first time at 47.9 kg while Kamimura was at 48.1 kg. Kamimura easily cut the extra 0.1 kg to make weight on the second try.

Although they have not officially faced each other, they did have a kickboxing exhibition in April where Kamimura knocked down RENA. RENA has been on a slide as of late, losing to Ai Takahashi back in June to lose her Shootbox title. Although RENA would win at the Girls’ S-Cup in a non-tournament match, she was upset to America Jessica Penne in September.

In contrast, Kamimura has been having a stellar year. After winning the Girls’ S-Cup tournament this year; she won the  WBC Muay Thai International Flyweight title last month with a win over  Denise Mellor. She is also the WPMF and WMC Flyweight Champion.

The fight does down Wednesday in Tokyo.


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