Upper Cut Magazine – Melinda Cooper’s Road to a Championship Goes Through Velez

Courtesy The Sweet Science

By David A. Avila – UppercutMagazine.com

Walking down the street Melinda “La Maravilla” Cooper looks like any other 20-something year-old with wants and needs that might be described as mundane. But her goals are much more than that.

“This title fight means everything to me,” says Cooper unflinchingly.

Beginning as a youth, the pretty brunette with the shy smile has surprised many including legendary trainers and promoters like the late Eddie Futch and Dana White with her abilities to battle in the ring. She plain likes to bang.

“When I was a kid Eddie Futch used to show me things all the time; I just never knew that he was a living legend,” admits Cooper who was a mere child of 11 when the master boxing trainer who taught Freddie Roach and others his craft.

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s White remembers witnessing Cooper’s uncanny abilities in the crowded gyms of Las Vegas…

Read the complete article at UppercutMagazine.com


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