Video – Watch a Preview of Christy Martin on E:60 Which Airs Tonight

Via ESPN Press Release


She was the face of women’s boxing when it first captured the nation’s attention in the mid-1990’s. West Virginia-native Christy Martin fought on several Mike Tyson undercards, capturing fans’ attention by combining a brawling style in the ring with a dash of femininity outside it. Guiding Martin throughout her career was her trainer and husband, Jim Martin.

While they outwardly appeared to be a loving couple, privately, according to Christy, the Martin’s were living a lie — Christy was a lesbian. It was a lie that came to a head last November when Christy told Jim she was leaving him for another woman. It was then, according to Christy, that Jim attacked her, stabbing her, shooting her and leaving her for dead.

E:60’s Lisa Salters interviews Christy Martin, who, for the first time on TV, talks about her relationship with her husband, the attack that nearly killed her, her battle with cocaine and her return to the boxing ring — now as an openly gay woman. Also featured is an exclusive interview with Jim Martin, who reveals his story from the Florida prison where he awaits trial.

E:60 airs tonight at 8 p.m. eastern/5 p.m. pacific on ESPN.


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