Boxing’s Monica Acosta Successful in Title Defense over Erin McGowan

Acosta & McGowan Courtesy Deporte Lauquen

In what was a competitive back and forth contest, WBA & WBC Light Welterweight Champion Monica Acosta (now 15-0-2)  successfully defended her titles against WBO Lightweight Champion Erin McGowan (now 14-1), winning a majority decision in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina Friday night.

The Australian McGowan started aggressive in the first 2 rounds, taking the fight to Argentina’s Acosta. A lot of combos and counters gave McGowan the rounds easily.

Round 3 and 4 saw the two exchange hard shots as Acosta started to become more aggressive. Wombat Sports had it round 3 for McGowan, and round 4 for Acosta, but round 4 could have gone either way.

Rounds 5 and 6 saw McGowan use her reach and landed extended shots to Acosta giving her the edge.

Round 7 was a lot like 3 & 4, with the two slugging it out. Wombat Sports gave it to Acosta.

Rounds 8-10 saw Acosta pick up the pace and agression, as she started to land combos and attack McGowan.

Wombats Sports had it a draw, but the official scores were 96-94 (Acosta), 97-93 (Acosta), & 95-95 (Draw) to make it a majority decision. Acosta retains the WBA & WBC Light Welterweight.



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