Moving Zen Peru Interviews Valentina Shevchenko’s Jordan Huerta has been following Peru’s Valentina Shevchenko as she prepares to face France’s Angélique Pitiot at the Muay Thai Premier League Friday night in Long Beach, CA. (It will stream on for $25.)

Huerta’s interview with Shevchenko was in Spanish, and Wombat Sports has translated the interview for the English speaking audience. If  you want to read the original, you can do so here.


 Jordan HuertaHow did the invitation to participate in this important Muay Thai event?

Valentina Shevchenko: The Muay Thai Premier League is a great Thai boxing event. All of the women are in only one weight class; 63.5 kg. I received the invitation to participate last year after winning the World Championship in Thailand.

JH: Tell us about your preparation for this event?

VS: Pavel Fedotov with my coach, my sister Antonina and I started to prepare for first in Peru, then finally we went to continue our preparation in Kirguistán on Lake Issyk-Kul. It was good training outdoors.

JH: You are in Group A along with Angellique Pitiot, Chantal Ughi and Ilona Wijmans. Have you faced any of them before? Are you friends with any of your future opponents or know of their past fights?

VS: I have not yet encountered any of these girls, but I know Chantal Ughi, because my sister Antonina fought her and won this year in Thailand.

JH: Your opponent is France’s Pitiot Angélique, What do you know about her?

VS: I do not know much. I know it is European champion and Muay Thai kickboxing champion in France.

JH: In this event, your fighting for the country of Peru. Must be proud.

VS: Of course! I am very happy to give Peru a win. Even as a kid climbing for the Peruvian flag, and winning the gold medal in front of thousands of fans of Muay Thai, it’s a thank you from me to Peruvian fans for all their love.

JH: What would you say to all Peruvians who will be attendance to your fight this Friday?

VS: That I will do everything I can to not disappoint. It is therefore very important to me to show a good fight, good Muay Thai technique for the win.

JH: Finally Valentina, thanking for the interview and for your time Anything you want to add?

VS: Now my coach Pavel and I are in Los Angeles with other fighters from around the world, I hope I get the support of all Peruvians, even at a distance. Thank you very muc


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