Christy Martin Loses Appeal; Vows Never to Fight in Cali Again

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In a story eerily similar with the Rousey-D’Alelio match this past weekend, boxer Christy Martin lost in June due a referee stoppage she didn’t think should have happened. This past weekend Martin lost her appeal to the California State Athletic Commission, with a vote of 5-0.

Martin faced Dakota Stone June 9th at the Staples Center in L.A. and with only 43 second left in the contest, the referee David Mendoza stopped the fight so the doctor could check out Martin’s hand.

“She winced in pain, exhibited excruciating pain, turned her back on it and that’s when I said, ‘Stop, time,’ brought the doctor in,” stated Medonza during the CSAC hearing this past week.

Martin had broken her hand in 9 places, but she stated that she fought through broken hands before in her over 50 fight career. In an interesting twist to this story, Martin’s attorney Gloria Allred is claiming sexism in the decision to stop the fight.

“Paternalism, male chauvinism, which sometimes manifests itself like, ‘We’ve got to protect the women,'” Allred exclaimed. “You’re protecting them out of their rights, and that’s wrong.”

This was an argument some critics made after the Rousey-D’Aleliuo contest. D’Alelio has stated that her camp will not be appealing her decision.

Disdained by losing her appeal, Martin is taking a drastic action to make her point clear.

“I will never be back in California to box again,” Martin said. “I’m disappointed. Obviously, I feel that we proved everything that there was to prove. I was still defending myself. I was still winning the fight.”



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